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GLC announces exciting new ways to play - from cell phones!

FRAUD WARNING: A group of fraud artists are misusing our Company name announcing to individuals around the World that they have won a large prize in a fictitious draw of a lottery. They further demand full personal disclosure, something that is not required in a Licensed Government Sponsored Lottery.
If a Lottery Ticket was not directly purchased and you receive confirmation of winning a sizable prize, chances are it is Fraud.
Global Lottery Corporation

Discover a new level of service and innovation in lottery and pari-mutuel gaming systems.

Global Lottery Systems (GLC) leads the way in cutting-edge, 21st Century lottery systems, including unique hardware, software, and most importantly, service to governments, lottery operators, and pari-mutuel operators.

GLC's flexible, PC-based systems feature easy point-of-sale terminals. We also offer industry-leading interface for users who play via internet and cell/mobile phone.

GLC systems are perfect whether you must replace outdated, ineffective equipment or need to create an entire new lottery. We offer both ready-to-go (turn-key) and fully customized solutions that allow your lottery, large or small, to run the way you need it to.

Most importantly, your new GLC system will be completely reliable and secure, with superb redundancy and back-up. Our systems management has been servicing clients in 23 countries with an excellent track record.

Welcome to a new level in lottery and pari-mutuel gaming systems. Welcome to your winning solution.

GLC's easy-to-use, cutting-edge lottery systems can read and process multiple tickets simultaneously!

GLC Pari-mutuel Systems make it easy for any establishment to provide accurate betting entertainment on a variety of events.