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Central Sytstem

GLC, through its affiliation with Effective Solution Ltd., and other system suppliers, offers you a flexible, complete "central system" for stable, reliable, and secure operation of your lottery of pari-mutuel gaming.

What is a central system? It's the heart and brains of your gaming operation, including hardware and software. GLC's central system is unique: it is comprised of a number of PCs, housed in your location of choice. This is a very cost-effective solution compared to mainframe configurations. As your needs grow and change, it's easy and affordable to add more PCs to the part of the system that requires expansion-processing power, storage, or communications.

GLC's fully-developed, fully-tested central system software was created by a highly-skilled team of software experts. Developing this system on your own-as many governments and operators have discovered-is cost-prohibitive and technically difficult. GLC has already established a world-class system, and makes it easy for you.