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What We Do

Legalized gaming and wagering is expanding rapidly throughout the world. Global Lottery Corporation (GLC) provides reliable, secure technology and systems to help governments (local and national), or licensed lottery operators affordably run effective, efficient, and reliable games.

Modern lotteries and pari-mutuel betting require highly specialized systems. These systems include terminals the public may see on a shop counter, in a bar/pub, or at a dedicated kiosk. They also include all of the behind-the-scenes computers, routing equipment, servers, backup servers, and firewall-protected software.

GLC, acquires and/or creates and manufactures those systems, including the computer hardware and software. We also provide complete servicing and licensing at whatever level our clients require. In some cases we simply sell the system and the client runs the entire lottery. In other cases, GLC is retained as a partner in actually running the lottery under license.