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GLC Facts

  • Company Headquarters: San Diego, California, USA. Business is registered in the U.S. state of Nevada. Business offices also located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, London, England, and Hong Kong.
  • Stock: GLC trades on the OTC Pink Sheet stock exchange under the letters GTTC.
  • Technology: GLC utilizes a state-of-the-art scaleable PC-based central operating system allowing clients' lotteries and betting operations to grow with ease.
  • Innovation: GLC systems allow for games to be played through popular technology including cell phones and the Internet. Our ticket printer/readers allow for unprecedented speed, accuracy, and simplicity in handling large volumes of tickets.
  • Partnerships: GLC aligns with local, in-country partners to provide maximum services to clients, alleviating language and cultural barriers while allowing clients anyplace to utilize the finest lottery and pari-mutuel systems