Complete Systems

GLC creates and manufactures complete, proprietary systems for lotteries and pari-mutuel betting operators.

GLC offers complete turnkey systems as well as individual components.

These reliable systems include:

  • Flexible PC computer hardware
  • Easy expansion ability-simply add more PCs
  • Touch-screen monitor
  • Intuitive point-of-purchase interface
  • Servers for games, web, and backup
  • Firewall protection
  • Powerful software

We acquire or build the computer hardware and software. We also provide complete servicing, licensing, and partnerships at whatever level you require, including full cooperation with your existing lottery operator, or with GLC acting as your lottery operator.


Terminals are the most visible part of any gaming system. They are the component that is seen by the public and used by point-of-sale staff.

GLC terminals are heavy-duty-built to last for many years of non-stop use.

GLC terminals are configured with a LCD display and the option of either touch-screen or keyboard input.

Ticket Printers / Readers

Ticket printers and readers are the hardest-working hardware component of any gaming system.

GLC’s printers and readers make this process easy and convenient! Imagine simply dropping a handful of tickets into the machine, and having all of them processed. This multiple-reading capability is a major advantage of your GLC hardware.

Other advantages: GLC’s proprietary reader/printer combination unit uses a single ticket path for both reading and printing.

GLC’s family of ticket readers and printers are world-class. All three types are easy-to-use, and can be added to existing, non GLC systems as well.

Central Sytstem

GLC, through its affiliation with Effective Solution Ltd., and other system suppliers, offers you a flexible, complete “central system” for stablereliable, and secure operation of your lottery of pari-mutuel gaming.

What is a central system? It’s the heart and brains of your gaming operation, including hardware and software. GLC’s central system is unique: it is comprised of a number of PCs, housed in your location of choice. This is a very cost-effective solution compared to mainframe configurations. As your needs grow and change, it’s easy and affordable to add more PCs to the part of the system that requires expansion-processing power, storage, or communications.

GLC’s fully-developed, fully-tested central system software was created by a highly-skilled team of software experts. Developing this system on your own-as many governments and operators have discovered-is cost-prohibitive and technically difficult. GLC has already established a world-class system, and makes it easy for you.


GLC takes great pride in our commitment to service.

We partner with qualified technical teams in your country. Your gaming equipment is regularly monitored and maintained, ensuring reliability.

Other Game Devices

GLC can provide you with a wide variety of equipment and devices to support your lottery or pari-mutuel gaming operation, including ball machines, communication equipment, display boards, and more.