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Facts / Backgrounder

GLC Facts

  • Company Headquarters: San Diego, California, USA. Business is registered in the U.S. state of Nevada. Business offices also located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, London, England, and Hong Kong.
  • Senior Management:
    Gary Newman, Chairman & CEO
    Anthony Chamblin, Director, Sr., VP Pari-mutuel Operations
    Piers VanZiffle, Chief Financial Officer
    Lord Michael Sandberg, CBE, Chairman Advisory Committee
  • Stock: GLC trades on the OTC Pink Sheet stock exchange under the letters GTTC.
  • Technology: GLC utilizes a state-of-the-art scaleable PC-based central operating system allowing clients' lotteries and betting operations to grow with ease.
  • Innovation: GLC systems allow for games to be played through popular technology including cell phones and the Internet.
  • Partnerships: GLC aligns with local, in-country partners to provide maximum services to clients, alleviating language and cultural barriers while allowing clients anyplace to utilize the finest lottery and pari-mutuel systems

Industry Facts

  • Size of Industry: Worldwide over 200 jurisdictions have legalized lotteries. These are comprised of networks of thousands of computerized terminals processing nearly one hundred and eighty billion dollars ($180,000,000,000) in bets each year.
  • Perception: Lotteries are a form of "soft taxation," welcomed by both governments and the public as they allow the government to collect money only from those who wish to play, while making the cost of entry relatively affordable.